Saturday, April 17

8:30 to 3:30

(numbers at 8:00)

Sunday, April 18

8:30 to 2:30

Monday, April 19

9:00 to 1:00

2605 Lynn Ave.

St. Louis Park,  MN

Masks and social distancing: we require all people who enter the home or garage to wear a mask (over the mouth and nose) or a face shield.


This sale has been amazing!  We have cleared out anything left from the last sale and added more including:

Costume jewelry – we have again a house full of costume jewelry, including sterling silver

Celebrity jewelry and accessories (worn by famous actors/actresses on film and tv. – including sterling silver, gold

Versace beaded bustier owned by Pia Zadora

Muriel Humpfry box of hankies/gloves/purse

Ellen Pompeo as Bertie Knox 3 metal bracelets (Moon Light Mile)

Gwyneth Paltrou vinyl bracelets, swirl earrings with jet beads, Candice Bergen Red and Clear rhinestone bracelets from the movie “View From the Top”

Annette Benning sterling cuff amber necklace in”Running with Scissors”

Rita Wilson green emerald flower necklace “Chumscrubber”

“Princess Diaries 2” 3 gold metal belts worn by Joel McCray

Emmanuella Chrique Kenneth Cole earrings “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”

Renne Russo- 10k necklace with 14k cross “Two for the Money”

Farah Fawcett- green stone and yellow metal locket “Jewel”

Ellen Barkin snake necklace, black & clear rhinestone snake pin, black clip earrings worn in “Johnny Handsome”

and many more.  See you Saturday!


Celebrity clothing (worn by famous actors/actresses on film and tv., including 2 vintage Chanel two piece suits.

Ephemora – (not as much as last week unless we dig out a bit more tomorrow)

Autographed photos – very few new ones this week.

Books – those leftover from last week will be 75% off.  We have added some new autographed books (not discounted)

Artwork – some

Art supplies

Dolls – we filled the large room again with new dolls to sell, including;

Hildegard Gunzel, Gorham, Cabbage patch kids, Morgan Britney, Susan Walden Collection, Ellenbrook dolls, Victorias collectables, Robin Woods, Classic childhoon companions, Gotz,  Madame Alexander,

Madame Alexander figurines

Doll clothes and accessories – lots added

Christmas decorations